Founded in 2013, JAG is a management consulting firm with extensive experience in supporting elite groups and individuals across industries and high-performance populations.

The Applied Division is responsible for deploying the most cutting-edge and evidence-led methodologies to engineer wellness, improve health span, optimize and enhance human performance, and accelerate skill acquisition and mission-specific proficiencies. Situationally tailored solutions are developed and implemented by JAG’s team of seasoned performance specialists, medical practitioners, and domain specific subject-matter experts who have extensive experience in the following sectors: professional and Olympic sports, elite military organizations, government, private corporations, and business operations.

The Research & Development Division’s mission is to provide human-centered solutions for the most pressing problems encountered by our clients. With an established and well-recognized track record of innovative problem solving, JAG’s R&D division serves as a proving ground, thinktank, and solutions architect for innovation, product development, iteration, and engineering. In addition to its own R&D, JAG has experience partnering with leading research and academic institutions to support, augment, and enrich highly impactful research portfolios.

The Corporate Ventures Division seeks to identify, invest in, acquire, accelerate, or augment technology and IP that can fill industry gaps and offer solutions for our clients. Our Applied and R&D Divisions create the environment to de-risk capital investments and provide strategic insight in the due diligence process on behalf of our partners and clients. We work closely with founders, industry, investors, and other organizations to bring solutions to broader markets.